BEST OF THE BEST Results - Adelaide

BEST OF THE BEST Results - Adelaide

World Series Wrestling
International Assault
Best of the Best

Adelaide, SA
Crowd: Sold Out

Chris Basso defeated Nick Armstrong
Slex was supposed to be in this match but was still injured.

Laura James defeated Savannah Summers

Robbie Eagles defeated Zack Sabre Jr.
They had a great match, with Eagles winning in a massive surprise.

Jonah Rock defeated Grimm, Abyss, and Jimmy Havoc in a four-way match
They had a brutal match with lots of head shots. Havoc took three tack bumps for the third night in a row.

The Parea defeated The Rude Ones

Marty Scurll defeated Brian Cage
Scurll won after interference by Jonah Rock, who came down to challenge Cage mid-match. Scurll rolled up Cage after he took a hit from Rock and a low blow from Scurll.

Hangman Page defeated Joey Ryan
Page had a heavy bandage over his eye but looked fine. He said Ryan was dead (referencing their storyline on Being the Elite) and there’d be no match, so he called out a girl in the third row wearing floral, saying that he may as well wrestle her.
Laura James came out and challenged Page before Ryan made his entrance. Ryan did his usual shtick and did an Undertaker impression as the match started, sitting straight up, attempting a chokeslam, and slowly walking after Page.
The referee took a bump and James did a slip and slide off Ryan and onto Page. This brought Scurll down. He tried the finger break spot on James, who forced Scurll to touch Ryan's groin and get flipped by it.
Ryan went for a superkick, but Page dodged and James took it. Page grabbed Ryan's tights for the roll-up and win.

Austin Aries defeated Johnny Impact to regain the WSW World Championship
Impact went for the Starship Pain, but Aries got the belt up. He hit a dropkick and a brainbuster before getting the pin.

He is now the first ever two Time WSW World Champion