The first tour in 2005, titled International Assault, visited three cities - Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle - in early October. In Melbourne the first WSW heavyweight champion was crowned in a one off match between Rhino and Jeff Jarrett, with Rhino gaining the victory. Also on the same night the first of a three match series was contested between A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels with Styles winning a jaw dropping 30-minute iron man match 1 fall to none. Rhino successfully defended his title against Jarrett in Sydney while Daniels leveled the three match series in Sydney, but on the final night of the tour Jarrett defeated Rhino in Newcastle while Styles won the three match series. The 2005 International Assault Tour also featured the final wrestling matches of exWWE star , Australia's Nathan Jones.

The second tour in 2007 was also titled International Assault and took place in early June - again visiting the same three cities. The WSW heavyweight title was vacant and another one off match in Sydney was held to fill the vacancy. Bryan Danielson defeated Nigel McGuinness for the title in a match for the ages. Local Sydney promotion the Australasian Wrestling Federation allowed its Australasian title and tag team titles to be defended on the show, with then AWF champion TNT defending successfully against Billy Kidman. In Melbourne, Danielson successfully defended his title against McGuinness, but in Newcastle Danielson lost the title to Kidman in an amazing match the first and last time the two competed in a singles match. The tour also featured Kid Kash and the Australian debut of Austin Aries.

Following on from International Assault 2, the next tour which took place in August 2007, entitled Global Attack rocked a near sell out crowd in Adelaide's Thebarton Theatre which featured Billy Kidman successfully defending the Heavyweight Championship against Heidenreich, and the Australian return of Kid Kash as well as the Australian debut of Masato Tanaka.

After a hiatus from promoting live events, World Series Wrestling returns to Australia with International Assault 2K17 Global Invasion tour.